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After a summer break I decided to do a design feature on personal style. Who we are is not just defined by our lived in spaces. I read about artist, photographer Ari Seth Cohen and his blog entitled ADVANCED STYLE. He roams around New York City and abroad photographing silver haired men and women with a little something extra. He believes they can teach us a thing or two about the way we present ourselves, and I think I agree with him!

Designing yourself and designing a room are very similar. There are focal points, accessories, colors, sizes. There are times due to certain situations, you have to redecorate in a creative way.

I am so impressed by the creativity and originality captured by the young Mr.Cohen, that I just had to share.
Here are a series of photos taken by Cohen of the baby boomer and plus crowd. This photo is actress Marilyn Sokol who lives in NYC. I hope you enjoy. All these people made me think of one question I'd like you to ponder.........
If you ever have a time that you think you need to "redecorate", do you want to be an older version of your younger self or a new version of your older self?

This is Ari Seth Cohen and one of his favorite photographic subjects, Mimi, a former model and actress.

Love the fedora! Look at the hat on this lovely woman.....

Her look is very minimal, you can say so much with very little. She is not overly accessorized and has a great presence about her. Now, let's not forget about the men....

Kinda bohemian like Marilyn Sokol.... The pop of orange and the structure of the jacket work with all the hair.... The woman below modeled with this Herman Miller sofa years ago, she likes to buy her accessories at Target.

Here is another view with the sofa!

Just as Hilda coordinates with her sofa. the woman below is really connected to her surroundings as well. Who says sneakers can't be cool.

This woman uses her long legs as a blank canvas for large geometric shapes.

Using a pin in the middle of your hat is a creative focal point.............

Here is a couple that compliment each other in every way.....a real silver set.

I really like the simplicity and drama of the sunglasses and the boldness of the well placed fluffy flower in contrast to her pulled back hairstyle. very chic.

I decided to take a 180 on the next photo. As I was collecting info for this piece, I spotted Snooki on the front page of the STYLE section of the New York Times. She is the latest pop icon from the reality show, "The Jersey Shore". Many runway models are rocking her pouf. She's been called a turnip, a spray painted Chihuahua and more. Her appeal? One fan attributes it to her "delicious artlessness". Here she is standing in a pile of debris...
Personally, she reminds me of all the "guidettes" I went to high school with in Long Island, NY in the 60's. The only thing missing is the white lipstick. She's got a tough , sexy aura.
I included her because I feel her personal style has shades of similarity to our group. They all have an unprocessed quality. what do you think she'll look like at 65?

She is not the only woman on the prowl at the Jersey shore, this would have been considered a Snooki in the 1920's, this gal must have been a blast.

The artist below creates her own style by placing herself in her own photograph.

On of my favorite men of style is author, Tom Wolf, dapper and sophisticated.

I am saving the best for last. Below is my dear friend, Susan. She is one of a kind. She has the creative spirit of a child and style up the wazoo. She is a mixed media artist and will be my next blog feature.

Sometimes we look at our world through a distorted prism. Our visual media tries to tell us what is pretty, what is hot, what is cool. If we don't look like Barbie and Ken and our homes don't resemble one of the latest design magazines, we are out of the loop.
I wanted to create design features in my blog that look in different places and inspire. Style is not about conventional beauty or money, it is simply about imagination and your courage to express it. If this is your first feature, make sure to check out my full blog with past features and design ideas at

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